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Power of the sea is capable of shaping cliffs and forming beaches. Power of the sea is capable of shaping our special wines thanks to its constant pressure and temperature. Even it sounds impossible, everyone who tried wines aged at the seabed will agree that difference in aging is much faster than in traditional wine cellars. From our experience best results happen on depth of 20 meters and for time period of 1 year.
Đuro Jankovic and Nemanja Božović taking care of the wine:

Our wines

  • Montenegrin Vranac  is ancient Montenegrin variety which originates from Crmnica. It has been grown since 14th century in Skadar Lake valley. 
  • Muscat White It is hard to know age and origin of Muskat, but in some books we can see that it might started in ancient Egypt and Persia, and from there it moved to Mediterranean. 
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Our wines
Special offer:

Special offer:

  • Montenegrin Vranac Barrique LIMITED 100 BOTTLES ONLY  It was picked from best vineyards in Limljani, small village in Montenegro.
  • Muscat White Barrique LIMITED 100 BOTTLES ONLY Taste is well rounded, and you can feel aroma of toasted oak! 
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