Aged wines


First time we tried aging wines this way is way back in 2017. After reading about shipwrecks that have been found with a wine bottle that have been perfectly preserved and wine that was excellent quality, we became interested in this. When we placed first 200 bottles in the sea and left them there for 1 year, we did not really have high expectations about wine changing and improving taste. After 1 year, when first bottles were finally out, we met with a local sommelier who has a lot of experience with wine. Finally, first bottle was ready to be opened. Immediately after first few sips we could taste the difference between wine that has been from traditional cellar and from wine that has been at bottom of the sea.
Wine was more refined; you could taste and smell more aromas and flavors. From 2018 to 2020 we did research with different kind of wines and at the end of 2020 we decided to make patent for our technology. With a lot of positive comments and positive reviews we finally made decision to present our wines to the public and start our company – Kraken wines! Our goal is to represent Montenegro and to give people from other countries to experience this unique product! So when you visit Kotor make sure to contact us and try some wines from the bottom of the sea in Kotor Bay!

Kraken cellar

Power of the sea is capable of shaping cliffs and forming beaches. Power of the sea is capable of shaping our special wines thanks to its constant pressure and temperature. Even it sounds impossible, everyone who tried wines aged at the seabed will agree that difference in aging is much faster than in traditional wine cellars. From our experience best results happen on depth of 20 meters and for time period of 1 year.

Constant pressure, temperature, absence of light and noise, gentle constant currents are all beneficial for aging wine using this method. This idea has been inspired by news that wreck found in the Aland archipelago in 2010 contained wines and champagnes that have been perfectly preserved. Whole process begins with choosing wines that are suitable for this method of aging. Next step is waxing top of the bottles to make sure that wine will not get contaminated with sea water. When everything is ready, wines need to be places on depth of 20 meters and secured in metal cages facing down to make sure that cork is wet all the time and to lower chances of contaminating wine. Every 2 weeks sample is taken out so wine can be checked and so we can follow process of aging. 1 year after placing wine at the sea bottom it is ready for consumption. Result is wine which has improved taste, all the aromas are much more refined and bottles themselves are unique looking.

Kraken Wines


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